New Report: Independent Review of the Private Rented Sector, 15/05/24

Raising the Game in the Private Rented Sector: A Framework for a Secure, Decent Home

Independent Review of the Private Rented Sector in the UK

On Wednesday 15 May 2024, the Labour Housing Group was pleased to host the launch of the report of the Independent Review of the Private Rented Sector.

Please click here to download and read the full report.

In January 2023 the Labour Party announced that Stephen Cowan would conduct a widespread independent review of the PRS, looking at how to make plans for reforming private renting work in practice. Stephen has taken evidence from a wide range of professional bodies, academics, policy think tanks and commentators, trade unions and renters’ groups, and political groups and politicians. 

The resulting set of proposals has the potential to transform the private rented sector in the UK, giving tenants more choice and control over their homes, greater security, the right to make their home their own and most important of all, the right to live in a home fit for human habitation.