General Election

Labour Housing Group (LHG) is a Socialist Society affiliated to the Labour Party, dedicated to developing housing policy that addresses the shortage of decent affordable housing across the UK.

As we look towards the next General Election, LHG will be involving members, working with partners inside and outside the Party to campaign for ambitious housing policy to address the crisis that wracks the UK.

National Policy Forum contributions

The National Policy Forum consultation 2023, building up the manifesto for the next General Election, has just been circulated. LP members can contribute to the consultation only through their CLP or branch Labour parties, or affiliated organisations and third party organisations like Labour Housing Group.

The A Future Where Families Come First Policy Commission has issued a short consultation paper summarising what has been agreed so far, including housing proposals. You can read this document here

The Commission has set out 2 questions (set out below) to use as a prompt and an aid to structuring responses, but you do not have to stick to those questions in your submission. 

  1. How can Labour make home ownership a reality for more families, give private renters the security they need and tackle the scourge of homelessness? 
  2. How can the next Labour government build more social and council housing and ensure greater investment in genuinely affordable homes?

Labour Housing Group is inviting you to send your views about housing policies to us  by the 17th of March to help inform the manifesto process. If you are a member please get in touch with us at and we will provide you with the information necessary to participate. 

Doorstep guide to Labour’s housing policies

Find a quick reference to the party’s policies and info on the housing crisis here: