Labour Housing Group publishes Briefings which are intended to provide a readable introduction to topical housing issues. They are available in “PDF” format so that readers can view them online or print them out as convenient.

They are intended to give a short, factual outline, a summary of Labour Party policy and a commentary from the viewpoint of LHG.

You are welcome to share them.

Current briefings include the following topics:

  • The Council Housing briefing explains how this provision came about, the story of Right To Buy, what HRA is, and how Labour Councils are working to build counil honmes once more.
  • This briefing covers the hot topic of Homelessness, including how it is being dealt with during the Covid-19 crisis
  • We focus in a little more depth on the causes of Rough Sleeping and what can be done about it.
  • We analyse the complex issue of Affordable Housing and why it matters
  • Our Private Rented Sector briefing outlines why this has become an increasingly contentious issue
  • We explain why Leasehold Reform is long overdue
  • Our survey of the field of Rural Housing – an often neglected source of concern – shows how it is both similar to and different from urban housing.