LHG has produced a Guide to Labour’s housing policies, summarising the key policies in the 2019 Manifesto to talk about on the doorstep.

Housing is at the top of the manifesto conversation in the media. Make sure you know what we are saying we will do!

The Guide also runs through how the Tories have made the “broken housing market” much worse, both in coalition with the Lib Dems and on their own account since 2015.

We’re aiming to help improve the lives of everyone with a housing need:

  • young people stuck in private rented homes, paying exorbitant rents, having to move every 6 months or year, and facing landlords who don’t maintain their properties
  • families moving from one private rented home to another, with no stability for their children and no hope of a secure, affordable, council or Housing Association home
  • leaseholders having to pay through the nose for ground rents
  • anyone facing homelessness
  • people in high rise tower blocks worried about fire safety in their homes
  • families who are anxious about where their children will be able to afford to live when they grow up
  • first-time buyers wanting low cost homes so they can stay near their work and families
  • those wanting to live in environmentally sustainable homes

Please take the Guide out with you on the doorstep – and share it around your Labour friends. Labour’s housing policies are vote winners for everyone!